Our high tech innovative bio-process uses carbon dioxide as a source to produce high quality proteins to secure the world’s protein demand.

Econutri’s innovative process contributes
to solving four major global issues

Carbon Emissions

In the last decade we produced more CO₂ than the world could ever naturally recycle.

Protein Shortness

The current supply from agriculture and fishery cannot fulfill the increasing demand for human and animal nutrition.

Overfished Oceans

The extensive fishing industry results in drastic declines in marine populations and diversity.

Lack of Cultivable Land

Extensive agriculture leads to land corrosion and further retrieval of farmland through slash and burn.

About the Process

Hydrogen produced from green energy is the key compound of microbial transformation of CO₂ into protein.

Our special microorganisms are grown in a highly efficient proprietary gas fermentation process.

80% of the microbial biomass consists of high value protein.

Our protein can be transformed into animal feed products, food products or any other product based on protein.

Animal Feed

The protein can be tailored to the demands for farming of various animal species.

Food Products

The design of the composition of the protein allows for creating protein blends which can directly be converted into food products.

Non Food Products

The process can also be designed to produce proteins useful in numerous non-food applications.

Our Team of
Scientists & Experts

Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to meet the
challenges of creating a process that can be both
ecologically feasible as well as economically valuable.


Advisory Board