Our Impact

Our impact goes beyond sustainable protein production.

By utilizing CO2 and green hydrogen to create high-quality proteins, we’re helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease land usage for agriculture, and conserve natural resources.

Our innovative bio-process is paving the way for a more sustainable future in protein production and making a positive impact on the environment.

Reduces Overfishing

Reduced Fertilizer Usage & N₂O

Utilises CO2

No Need for Cultivable Land

Less Water Usage

No Pesticides

Valuable Protein Source


Our innovative bio-process is the sustainable solution to the increasing demand for alternative proteins.

With the potential for significant economic and environmental impact, our process utilizes CO₂ and green Hydrogen to efficiently produce high-quality proteins that can be processed for various applications, including animal feed, human food, and cosmetic or technical proteins.

By focusing on animal feed proteins, we can quickly achieve our sustainability goals while providing an economically viable alternative for producers of feed and food protein products. Plus, our process allows industrial plants to reduce their CO₂ emissions while utilizing carbon as a valuable resource for production.

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